In short: Pictorial Biography of Vanhauwaert Johan

Born : Kortrijk 08-07-1948 – Flanders – Belgium. As a boy of seven years old I learned perspective in the “atelier” of Achilles Vantomme, a relative, classic painter and uncle. From my twelfth on, I followed “free lessons” in painting at the Royal Academy in Kortrijk and with my further studies in Kortrijk (Greek-Latin) and in Gent (Clinical Chemistry); I developed technical skills in painting, miniature painting, preparing parchment, restauration of works of art, chemical and physical research about medieval recipes and several techniques. Besides, a unique opportunity was offered to me in having the permission to visit the safes of old and expensive manuscripts and the enormous amounts of technical books in the library at the University of State at Gent. Further experiences were acquired in aquarelle painting, parchment painting, canvas painting, panel painting; with as well, drawings in carbon, pencil, silver point as painting with egg tempera, aquarelles, alkyds, acryls, aqua tints and oils. Abstract, naturalistic, expressionism, impressionism and realistic are styles I got in executing works of art.